Bandwidth-Free Data Plan and High-Quality
Equipment Offers

Choose your package

  • Residential Basic

    Download speeds up to 6Mbps
    uploads up to 2Mbps

  • Residential Plus

    Download speeds up to 10Mbps
    uploads up to 3Mbps

  • Business Basic

    Download speeds up to 7Mbps
    uploads up to 2.5Mbps

  • Business Plus

    Download speeds up to 10Mbps
    uploads up to 3Mbps

- Bandwidth Caps

- Speed Throttling

Other custom service rates available. Up to 25/10 service price TBD thorough site survey required and additional equipment may be necessary.




  • There will be a $45.00 installation charge, this includes up to 100′ cat5 cable, mounting hardware and system turn up. We use standard “J” pipe mounting hardware attached to the roof or the fascia depending on best signal. We will run our wire through an outside wall to your equipment near a power outlet. We will provide a surge/static charge unit connected to earth ground to protect the equipment. If you need special wiring, through interior walls, through the attic or non penetrating radio mounting, you will need to let us know as there might be an additional charge due to the extra time needed for installation. **Please Note that the Wireless Router is Not included in the initial setup, therefore this will be something that you will purchase and own.**
  • If you are an existing customer and need to move your service to a new address, please contact us so that we can confirm that the new address is within our service area and we will set an appointment to uninstall from the old address and install at the new address. The Service move fee is $35.00.
  • If an address has already had our service previously and we are able to use the wiring as it is, then the install fee is $15.00 to re-connect the service.


Our system does it’s invoicing by email, so please be sure to keep us updated with your current email address. **Please Note that if you need to have a paper invoice regular mailed, there will be an additional $2.00 monthly charge.**

Things to know

Please remember that the speed you actually get depends on many factors that are beyond our control. We will base the maximum speeds we can deliver to you by how well our equipment is transmitting and receiving due to heavy trees, obstructions and other conditions that may occur. For example, if you are behind many trees your signal may be marginal and therefore only allow for a Basic package…on the other hand, if you're able to see our access point with no obstructions, the Plus package would be available.
Our equipment is capable of transmitting and receiving data at the advertised rates but what you will get depends on many factors as discussed above. Other things that can affect actual speeds you get include, but are not limited to, Solar flares, Capacity of the network you are accessing, Network problems outside of our system, Viruses, Computer malfunction, Adware, and the list goes on and on.
Internet speed tests are not very accurate and will vary from site to site. If you test to a server in New York and get something under your package you pay for, please realize that the server in New York may be doing a million speed tests at that moment, or a router may be overloaded somewhere between here and there…
This is just a short list of things that affect the Internet no matter who provides you the connection. We constantly monitor our system and it will send us alerts when there are problems and when we find them we jump on it right away. If we are planning maintenance we will send out an email notice to customers that will be affected so please keep us up to date on your email address.
Some advice on how to keep things running smoothly are…Make sure you have the latest security patches on your computer keep antivirus definitions up to date, avoid questionable websites and keep trees and bushes trimmed and out of the path of your installed radio. Visit the forum for tips…leave a post or a question and we will find an answer.